Thursday, March 17, 2022

Try On

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My kids will have green milk in their extra special Lucky Charms cereal this morning! The leprechaun may also get into some trouble around the house today! All for fun! Molly Anne loves all of this stuff and Grady is getting into it all this year too! 

A few things from this week:

Loving this dress because it’s comfortable and long enough to wear to work! Sandals here. Need some color on my legs!!

This top is thin (not see-through) and easy to pop on to look put together. Will be cool enough to wear in the heat of the summer. Sandals here

This dress is a thicker material and not as dressy as the first. I wouldn’t wear this to the office but it’s an easy dress to throw on to go out for a Saturday afternoon. Sandals here

A little something different - this top - than what I’d typically pick out but I’m working on stretching out of my comfort zone! I got it in black too but I think I’m going to keep the green! It’s square on the top of the back like the front neckline. And still loving the black jean shorts I got last year. 

April showers bring May flowers. The raincoat I have had for about 15 years is an old North Face and is blaring pink. Not the most sharp or my favorite these days but it’s done the job for awhile. Meet my new one - isn’t it so perfect?! 25% off today. I love the neutral color, zipper and buttons and it’s the right weight…not to light or too heavy. 

Sorry for the whack shadow on my chest. Life of a working gal by day and doing this for fun at night. Not the best lighting when you take pictures at 8pm! Ha, can’t win them all! 


  1. Love it all!! We just started going back to the office on March 1, and my wardrobe needs some fun new pieces - am going to snag that adorable blue and white striped top, and possibly the rain coat (up in Boston I'll be wearing that until June!!)

  2. I loved everything you shared. Everything! Both dresses looked so flattering on and could be worn to work. I just ordered the strip top on Tnuck. Thanks for sharing.