Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Creature of Habit

I’m a major creature of habit…in all of the things. 

The things we do
The things we eat
The way I operate
The way I dress
The way decor I have
The music I listen to 

I feel like I never do things differently than same ole same ole! 

I also never take the time to change things. Like I don’t clean out my closet enough. I don’t hang new pictures. I don’t reorganize my children’s rooms. Molly Anne never swaps around her furniture. Or whatever! 

A few weeks ago I finally hung a frame I got for this adorable picture of the children. It felt so good to get that done! Very accomplishing! I wish I changed decor up more often or updated pictures on our wall etc! I just never change anything but I’m always glad when I eventually do. This is hanging in the little area off our bathroom where I get ready. And I LOVE it! 

1 comment:

  1. I am the worst at swapping things out - I also get stuck in my routines, but I am always so happy with the results!! The photo and that frame are perfect in that little nook!!