Friday, April 1, 2022

Five on Friday

It's been a good but busy week. On Wednesday I worked from home and was able to do a 30 min bike bootcamp on the peloton during lunch. It had been awhile since I had actually rode the bike. I go in phases of workouts. I don't like to do too much of one thing because then I'll get bored and never want to do it. 

My fav workout tank. And I wear good ole under armour leggings because they're still the best for spinning. Don't always need alllll of the fancy things.

Avocado with chicken salad on top from Yafo for lunch one day this week. So good!

My little twins. They're mostly so sweet to each other. ;)

Facetiming with my parents and Grady loves to take their picture!

Please never let me forget our after dinner walk last night when they asked to hold each other’s hand! 

Grady put his hat on Mills when he came home from his game one night this week. Grady giggled so hard over this, it was adorable! 

Happy April Fools Day!

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  1. Love my trusty, rusty UA leggings for the bike! Mils could be the team mascot!