Monday, April 11, 2022

Weekend - Egg Hunt, 40th Party and Masters Party

It was quite the weekend starting on Friday! Mills, Kevin and I picked up Molly Anne from school then we all went to get Grady. They love when we all pick them each up! 

We divided and conquered that night. Kevin took Grady to teeball and I took Molly Anne to a quick dinner at Shake Shack then we walked around target because she wanted some erasers which then lead to retractable markers. Alllll of the crafty things! We reorganized her craft table that night and got it cleaned up. She makes many crafts each day. Always creating!

Saturday morning was the egg hunt at our club which was amazingggg! They had 3500 eggs for about 40 kids, ha! It was wild! 

And a petting zoo was there!

Grady and I went to pick up our groceries while Kevin took Molly Anne to chess club in the hood! She whipped up on those boys! She’s the youngest, only girl and I like to say, “most well rounded!” I think it’s awesome that she plays and meets new friends!

Off to Grady’s teeball game. Kinda funny when you have to finish your game in khaki pants. Long story ;) give me strength! He had a couple great fielding plays when we were on FaceTime with my parents so they could watch! It was good timing for that! They wish they could transport here for every game to watch him! 

We ran home and did some last minute prepping for Drew’s surprise 40th birthday party! He wouldn’t get out of the house until 3:15 and everyone was coming over at 5. It was a tight timeline but it worked. Everything was at our house so we shuttled it over and
Hilary got it all set up! It was awesome and he was surprised!

The girls went back over to our house after the surprise and our babysitter watched all four kiddos. And the girls had their first sleepover!

Sunday morning Charley came to visit Mills! Mills wasn’t as thrilled about playing as Charley was!

After some naps for some of us, we headed to Kellie and Michael’s for a Masters party! She had made Azalea drinks, had games for the kids and the adults too! And the kids played in the hot tub. 

Isn’t their new pool amazing?! Such a great set up in their back yard!

Back to reality today. I’m thankful for weekends these days when I really try not to think about work for two days. I do but not like it engulfs my brain all week. Anyway, happy Monday!

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