Monday, April 4, 2022

Weekend Round Up

Friday was April Fools Day so Molly Anne played a trick on Grady. They’ve just learned about tic tacs and had been wanting to try the orange ones because I told them that they were my fav. She used an old mint flavor box to create an orange pack to “trick” grady. 

So of course I grabbed them some that day to taste! They do agree that orange is best!

Anyway, we had dinner at Improper Pig on Friday night and let the kids run wild. 

They also spent the night in Grady’s bed together for the first time. They giggled until about 8:45 but then slept well all night. 

We looked out Saturday morning and the boys were out there playing together. So cute. 

Teeball game was great. Grady loves to turn his hat around ha. 

Molly Anne and I went to a party for one of her old school friends! 

Then we came home and played lacrosse!

We have a plain brick wall on the side of our house which is perfect for practicing the hand eye coordination!

Then Kevin and I headed over to our club to meet his cousin and his wife for dinner and to watch the basketball games. It was a good time! We did not participate in this line up..!!

I wore this navy dress that I wear possibly too often and fun earrings from Tuckernuck that they don’t have anymore, bummer. Have you all seen their earring collection? I think they have some very good reasonably priced ones that def jazz up an outfit. 

Yesterday we really didn’t do much. Grady didn’t feel great. Molly Anne FaceTimed with a friend for awhile. Then we had the neighborhood Easter egg hunt so I took Molly Anne over there for that. Poor Grady couldn’t go but there are other egg hunts we are planning to attend. Of course Molly Anne brought him home an egg! 

More to come tomorrow on the egg hunt. Wednesday I’m going to post a picture of what is going in each of their Easter baskets to maybe give you all some ideas! 

Happy Monday!

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