Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Grady's Easter Parade

Grady's school's Easter parade is one of the cutest things of all times. Again, file this under items that don't happen at a normal daycare. Each class (daycare and preschool) dresses up and has a parade throughout the church for all of the parents and grandparents to watch. It's ADORABLEEEEEEE times a million!!!

This year they were Lambs of God! It was sooooo sweet and I'm glad we could be there to watch him! These are the important things. Of course Molly Anne wanted me to pull her out of school to watch him just like she wanted me to for his Christmas pageant but she doesn't get taken out of school for such things!! I told her we would video him and show her right when she got home! I think because she remembers doing it when she was there so it's extra special to her! :)

Anyway, enjoy the cute pictures!

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