Monday, April 18, 2022

OIB Easter Weekend and Tooth Fairy

Whew! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! I'm still recovering! It was busy at the end of last week! Here are some pictures. 

Grady doing his remote control boat and Mills growling at the fish. 

Dying Easter eggs of course!

Cooking shrimp and grouper!

Of course my parents brought down a Smith Island cake. Anyone else had one?! They're the best ever. 

We were hanging out in the living room and these two are just over there giggling together, it was cute!

Day before she finally lost that bottom tooth!

Eating Poppa's eggs with Poppa. Poppa's eggs are eggs mixed very well so no white showing, ground black pepper and a lot of sharp cheddar cheese melted in. My kids request them a few days a week ha!

Kevin and my Dad went to my brother's house for a flounder tournament so Mom and I took the kids to the OIB park for their Bunny Hop event! It was cute but very crowded.

My two loved the fire fighter's drones the best of all and they even got to push the button for one to take off and to land it. The OIB firefighters are beyond amazing with the children on the island. 

Nannie and her Mills. I'm not sure who loves who the most!

Ready to go to dinner at Oyster Rock!

We met Kevin and my Dad there for a drink on the outdoor patio before getting our table. 

Our dinner was so delicious. Kevin and I had blackened grouper with a crab sauce on top. Oh and we started with an heirloom tomato and burrata salad over arugula. Dad had the halibut which I may have preferred, it was so good too. Mom had deviled crab stuffed flounder. But the big event...

Molly Anne lost her first tooth while we were waiting for dinner to arrive. She pulled it right out. She kept saying that Nannie helped her with it because Nannie told her to twist it to pull it out. It was cute and we were all so happy for her!

She was so proud and happy! And yes, this was Easter Eve so our house was going to be busy with the Tooth Fairy AND the Easter bunny!

We wrapped up the night with orange crushes with some friends from Charlotte - Sam and Morgan. My office is next to Sam's at work and we like hanging with them in OIB.

Next up - Easter Day!


  1. We were at the OIB Easter event too! Definitely very crowded, but such a fun time and everyone was so generous. I think the flow would have been better if there was a true “start” point.

  2. Those orange crushes look delicious!! YAY for the Tooth Fairy!! How exciting!