Friday, April 8, 2022

Five on Friday


My littlest friend had a high fever for too long this week. He wasn't too affected by it but of course he couldn't go to school. Doc said his ears and throat looked good, just a fever virus.

We did a lot of magnatiles and hanging out. I forget about magnatiles sometimes but Molly Anne loved them and so does Grady. He built houses all week long. 

A getting ready for summer dinner - chicken marinated in bbq sauce, corn on the cob which is already good this early in the year, and fresh steamed green beans tossed in olive oil and everything but bagel seasoning. 

Molly Anne has her very first loose tooth and I forgot when I gave her corn. I cut it off the cob for her quickly but she and I got the biggest laugh out of it!

I feel you Mills. I haven't slept through the night once this week because of Grady but he's on the mend now so all is good. I can't complain....I've had many sleepless nights in my time..hello two babies but somehow it still knocks me down! And yes, Mills was there for every 1am, 3am and 4am visit to Grady's room! He's so good. 

A scooter ride on a sunny day after that fever broke!

Prioritizing exercise this week was tough but I fit 20-30 min in a day just so I felt sane. Monday after I put Grady to bed, I ran in the hood for a few miles while Kevin and Molly Anne played chess. Tuesday night I told Molly Anne to read for 20 minutes and I went in the gym and did a 20 min upper body strength class. Wednesday I did a lower body class during lunch and while Grady was napping. Thursday night tennis match after kiddos were in bed. Today I hope to do something outside. Just fitting it in. Oh yeah, my real job was super fun this week! ;) 

My fav workout tank in a new color and I do love these Tracker Shorts. They don't have this pattern right now.  

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