Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Have some randoms for y’all today!

Same size dress. Makes me insanely crazy that the cotton one shrunk so much. The one underneath is more of a slinky material. I emailed Lilly and haven’t heard back. Grrrr. 

On Sunday I felt like a complete spazz with all of the things. When I get like that it’s best for me to MAKE A LIST! Gosh when I make a list and get going on doing the tasks, I love checking things off. Sometimes I think making a list is a waste of time because I should use that time to knock a task out but on Sunday I had too much in my head. As you can see, it’s nothing pretty and I had to hide some last names but it’s something that made me feel a lot better. I put it in my Notes on my phone then copied and pasted to a word document to print out. 

Another thing I’ve been doing is before the month ends, I’ll make a list of all of the gifts I need to buy for the next month. This really helps keep things together in my life ha! Between kids birthday parties for friends and then my friends and family etc, it’s a lot of extra brain power that I do not have. Work takes 95% of my mental capacity during the week. Zaps me!! Organization of home life is essential. 

Well this is switching gears but I just saw this PJ Margarita picture in my camera roll from when we went to Sharkys last week. If you go there in Ocean Isle, get this drink. You can thank me later! 

That’s it for today friends. I need to do some laundry because I have done any since the beach on Saturday. Good times but reality at the beginning of the week! 

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  1. Between traveling for Easter, followed by April school vacation (oh, and fitting in work in between!), life at our house has been CHAOS. This weekend is dedicated to list making and checking things off!

    That drink looks amazing!!