Monday, April 25, 2022

Rest of Spring Break

Friday we did a little beach time midday then went back home and messed around the dock and yard. 

Is there anything better than a PB&J on the beach? Well yes, a high noon but who is counting!

The makings of….crab cakes with eastern shore of Maryland crabmeat!!

Kevin is happy fishing! Good for his busy mind!

Kevin went home after dinner because he had plans with some friends in Charlotte on Saturday. My parents and I took the kids go-karting. Molly Anne and Grady LIVE for go-karting. They love it and talk so much trash about who is going to win. Of course Grady and I won, duh!!

They love to fish. Molly Anne has the fishing bug for sure!! 

She stayed out there forever Friday night messing around!

While these two played catch! Dad really got him catching the football!

Saturday morning Nannie and Poppa headed home so it was just the kids and I for the next day or so. First up - the beach again! They love it and I love it and it wears them out. Alllll good!

One of their fav parts - Sunset Slush!

We played putt putt after Grady woke up from his nap. They love playing and Miss Molly Anne is quite competitive. Surprise surprise. Zero clue where she gets it from. 

Grady ended up falling off his scooter badly on Saturday night when we were playing in the street. Got him cleaned up and we laid low. His poor face looks terrible! 

Yesterday morning we decided we were going to take Mills to the beach to play. We had some other errands to run then played at the playground and headed to OIFC for an early lunch. We had a ton to pack up so we didn’t get out of there until a bit later than I wanted to. Grady still napped for two hours on the way home. 

We cruised in and regrouped for the week. 6am will be happening early for Molly Anne. She has gotten up at almost 8am every day of Spring Break! Back to reality! 

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