Monday, June 1, 2020


We had way too much fun this weekend! Friday we played outside most of the afternoon. I snuck in a 20 minute weight class in the driveway while they played. 

We decided to break in the porch with our neighbors. We are still on the hunt for a couple more chairs for our seating area. And our other dining chair comes this week. It was backordered for some reason. 

Saturday morning Grady and I went for an hour walk. He lovesssss being in the stroller and doing that!  It was super hot out but we saw a ton of neighbors and that was fun. 

When Grady took his nap, Molly Anne and I put our bikes in the back of the car and went over to the elementary school and rode around. There are some flatter trails there which is nice change. Our neighborhood is super hilly. Anyway, we rode about 2.5 miles and came home!  Then we were invited next door to swim so we did!  

They have their pool heated right now and it was sooo nice. Such a treat for sure to get to swim! 

Grady loved his first real popsicle from Ms. Hilary!  The girls swam forever and Grady got used to the water and his puddle jumpers. They threw some hot dogs on the grill and we both got some sides together. Nothing better than poolside summer dinner!

And then all of that turned into a late night on our porch with a few couples. It was one of those super fun nights you weren’t expecting!

Sunday morning cuddling on the porch watching Spirit!  My dad gave Kevin a Roku so we put it on our porch TV and that’s been so nice to have outside.

We got a few mile bike ride in and I pushed Grady! 

We had found out Saturday that our pool was opening Sunday so you know that’s right where we went when it opened!  Grady took his nap and then I came back to pick him up and bring him to swim!

We swam all afternoon with friends and neighbors. It was unreal the number of people there and we had the best time. Everyone was so thrilled with the normalcy!

We threw some chicken on the grill for dinner and called it an early night!  In case you couldn’t tell, bedtimes were quite easy last night haha!!  Have a great Monday!