Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Little Catch Up Post

I had very little childcare last week so I was busy being busy.  Mills also had a little issue with a benign cyst that he is having surgery for today.  Never a good time but last Monday was not a good time for all of that.  This week I'll be playing nurse for the buddy boy.  He'll be okay but I never like when he has to be put under anesthesia.  

Big boxes = fun.  PS - Molly Anne's hair has gotten so long, she looks so grown up without a bow too gasp!  

Her dress and her hat (lots of colors, I got Grady a navy one.  She is almost 5 and easily wears the size 2y-5y)!  

We've done a lot of bike riding.  She rides 3 miles in our hilly neighborhood and mostly doesn't complain ha!  She loves riding but some of the hills really are brutal!

Playing with Emme in a culdesac!

My friend alerted me that they were giving away Spirit toys in the McDonald's happy meals so we of course visited twice last week.  Winning in the mom department let me tell ya!  She was SO excited about them though.  The anticipation of going to McDonald's created some really good behavior, I'm serious!!

Grady built this tower and that was fun to watch him do that!  I like watching his little mind go wild in our playroom!

We went on a golf cart worm hunt one day last week.  Yes, I know, I know.  But it was SOMETHING to do!! 

Hello sweet little friends. 

A look into the future?!  He's been a growing boy this past week.  After dinner he will go over to the fridge and pull on it and then down another applesauce pouch or string cheese!

On Thursday I hosted my friends from Molly Anne's class a couple of years ago in the driveway for a girl's night! It was SO nice to be together.  We had missed each other. 

Side note - add jalapeno to your casamigos blanco tequila and lime bubly and you have quite the tasty skinny margarita!

Chat soon!

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