Friday, June 19, 2020

Camp and Swim

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since Tuesday.  Actually it’s been a pretty busy week. It always is this time in June. We have Father’s Day and two birthdays this weekend that we will celebrate! 

My friend Nina is making homemade mixes for cocktails and they’re delicious!  This one was a spicy grapefruit margarita!

Molly Anne has had her first camp ever this week and has loved every minute. She’s been wiped out every afternoon!  She walked in so proudly on Monday without knowing anyone there. I was so proud of her, not that I was surprised of her “outgoing-ness!”  Sutton (a friend from school) joined her later so it’s been fun for them to be together this week!

So Grady and I have had some time together just is which has been a big treat!  Lots of golf cart rides, tractors and trains!  I love when he rests his little hand on my leg while we ride around!

Wednesday night we had a girls night on Ashley’s patio and it was wonderful to see my friends!  We ended the night doing a one minute plank because we are crazy!!

The boys hanging and playing in dirt!

Molly Anne also had three more swim sessions with Gigi at Charotte Aquatics and she’s doing awesome. I’m so proud of her. She can swim the length of the pool backstroke! Gigi has really gotten her over the hump in the last two weeks with 6 classes. She has two more next week then I’m thinking Molly Anne may be good to go for awhile. Not sure, we may do some more lessons weekly but we will see. She is loving swimming, I know that!

I made breakfast for dinner last night and I turn around and this boy grabbed a piece of bacon off the counter ha! 


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