Friday, June 26, 2020

Eight on Friday and Two Year Well Check

One -
Hugging on Mama and I don’t hate it!  PS loving this skort! I got the Tall and it’s  3.5” inseam. Much better than the super short ones! 

Two -
I couldn’t get Grady up from his nap right away so I asked Molly Anne to go get him. I came in and found them like this listening to Old Town Road on Alexa!

Three -
Waterpark driveway!

Four -
Crab chicken, squash casserole and fresh corn! Love a summer dinner!

Five -
Finally had his two year well check, delayed because of corona. 35 pounds (97%), 2’11.5” (55%) and perfect!  Yes, I ordered him a tractor mask. Haha. 

Six -
Lots of time at the pool. Rainbow bathing suitrainbow goggles and rainbow tube from Michaels!

Seven -
An early birthday present surprise for Molly Anne! She was sooo excited this morning!  Kevin and I put it together last night. We are going to tweak it a bit and get a ladder for it as well. 

Happy Friday! 

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