Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Meals This Week

I started My Fitness Pal this week to compete with my Dad so I was on the train of meal planning for once!

Here are our dinners and maybe it gives you some ideas?  Please share your favorite dinner you're making this week!

1. Meatballs with Rao's Marinara and roasted broccoli with everything but bagel seasoning and shredded cheddar.

2.  Chicken tenderloins on the grill marinated in my crab chicken recipe.  We had some peas and fruit on the side.  My kids ate that chicken right up!

3.  Breakfast for dinner - eggs, scrapple, bacon, fruit

4.  Charcuterie night - this is typically toward the end of the week so we can use our leftover veggies etc.  I usually do some fruit for the kids, meats, cheeses, crackers etc.  EASY.

5.  Philly Cheesesteak Skillet

6.  Big Mac Salad - Molly Anne had fun helping me make the dressing for this!

7.  Buffalo shrimp (just marinating these in buffalo sauce then saute in pan) over a wedge salad

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