Monday, June 15, 2020

Weekend around the house

We didn't do much this weekend and I must say, it was nice!  

This is a unicorn castle, duh!  We always have to take pictures of her creations in case Grady knocks them down!  She always feels better if we have a picture!

Friday afternoon I just brought out a bin, some cars, a barbie pool and another mermaid thing and let them play together on the porch.  It entertained them for a couple of hours while I wrapped up work.  Sometimes the little things you think of are the most entertaining.  Nothing special, just a bin and some water ha.  

For a little happy hour, I had made this pineapple dip that my friend Hilary had at her house that was delicious!  I don't know about your kids but mine love any dip, especially Grady.  If you had him a pretzel he starts motioning how to dip and says dip dip dip!  I didn't have the onions but it was still good without those.

She loves playing by herself quietly!  Lots of imagining and talking for the barbie and mermaid!

Friday night we let Molly Anne stay up late with us and play in the driveway until almost 9pm.  I took her on a golf cart ride to look for Sparkles and Rainbows, her bunnies!  We saw them but we also spotted this deer in front of this house, just below the right window!  We couldn't believe it!

We were silly and did push ups.  Actually they were picking on me about my peloton strength workout haha. 

She loves checking on Grady when he's sleeping!  "He's so cute, he's the best brother. Oh Mama look at how sweet he is!"

Saturday morning we had breakfast on the porch.  Kevin made us french toast, Molly Anne's request! 

We headed out for a bike ride and Grady in the stroller for a little while in the morning.  After lunch, Kevin took Molly Anne to the pool while Grady napped.  I got a ride in and had time to shower and do my hair, what a concept!  

We picked up Duckworth's wings and side salads for dinner.  We got the kids a couple different kid's meals and let them split it all.  That's what I typically do so they get a little variety.  

Molly Anne stayed up with us a little longer Saturday night too (yes she was super tired and pretended to nap yesterday!).  She and Kevin got some honeysuckle! 

And they danced. 

Kevin and I sat out on the driveway for awhile.  Some friends stopped by and hung with us on their way home from dinner out.  It was fun.  

Sunday morning, another bike and stroller ride!  

We stayed around the house Sunday too and played outside and on our porch.  It was a really pretty day.  How cute is Grady in this picture?!!  I am obsessed. 

And my little queenie who is so grown up these days.  Last week after swim lessons, she went upstairs and took showers by herself every day.  Did her hair and everything.  I can't believe it!  And yes, total game changer! So nice.

We pulled out all of our water stuff into the driveway which the kids LOVE.

This rainbow is huge but they love it.  It sprays water down through the center of it.  We have kept it inflated for a few weeks now but it may be taken down for a couple of weeks.  It takes up so much room in our garage!  

We wrapped up the weekend with filets and brussel sprouts on the grill, burrata/tomato/basil salads that Kevin made and baked potatoes.  And then I went and ran 4.5 miles with my friend Jen after bedtimes because I'm nuts. 

Hope everyone has a nice Monday!

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