Monday, June 22, 2020

Father's Day Weekend

We had a fun weekend celebrating Kevin and our Dad's!  

Friday night we ordered City BBQ in and hung around the house!  These two are a mess to play monopoly with!  They shared money and properties but played as two around the board haha!  They said they won but I think I did ha!

Saturday morning I took Grady to get his hair cut.  He even wore Molly Anne's Lilly mask in there ha.  I couldn't believe he kept it on.  This was by far his best hair cut appointment with Ragen, behavior wise!  We didn't even have to stand by the window.  He sat in my lap and let her cut his hair. I couldn't believe it!!  Such a good little boy!

I did a big grocery pick up including this new kind of Wild Basin that one of my friends told me about.  I got it at the Rea Farms Teeter for all of you Charlotte people.  I loved the first variety pack of Wild Basin but this is even better.  I'm not a White Claw or Truly fan but these are really good.  

We went to the pool all day on Saturday.  Kevin took Grady back for a little nap and we met them home in the afternoon.  

He did not want to go home for his nap!

These two!

We tried to go to our club for dinner but they called us as we were walking out the door and said another member who had been there the day before found out they had Corona so they had to shut it all down for a few days of deep cleaning.  Crazy.  We were all already cleaned up so we went and sat on the patio at Red Rocks for dinner.  

Father's Day we gave Kevin his gift - a yeti cooler and lots of homemade cards!

I picked up cupcakes for after dinner from a local girl that makes them (they are delicious!) and Cava - Kevin's favorite lunch! 

Grady and I picked hydrangeas from our yard for three different arrangements.  

We got ready for our guests - Kevin's parents, brother, his girlfriend and our niece Kendall!  We celebrated Nana's birthday (her birthday is today, Happy Birthday Nana!!!), Uncle Joe's birthday and Father's Day!

This one snuck some food before everyone arrived!

We had a nice cookout of burgers, dogs and brats.  We also had macaroni salad, coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans.  And the cupcakes!  I had gotten a watermelon and I forgot to cut it ha!!  I think the cupcakes stole the dessert show and we didn't even need that watermelon!

We went for some golf cart rides and hung out. It was fun! 

And now it's Monday and back to the grind!  I'm trying to finalize what we are doing in July this week (camps, babysitter, work, travel etc) and that'll be good to get done.  I have a bunch of stuff going on with my projects at work.  And Molly Anne's birthday party is next weekend so I need to wrap things up for that!  Have a good day!!

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