Thursday, June 4, 2020

Questions Answered

I've had a few comments and emails that I wanted to answer!

1.  Our patio furniture is from Serena and Lily!  I plan to do a post with lots of pictures soon!  But these are the items we got:  Sofa, Lounge Chair, Coffee Table, Side Table, Dining Table, Dining Chairs (they hadn't arrived when I took this picture!).  We still need to add a couple more chairs but are trying to figure out what makes the most sense for those.  But so far, we are in love with everything!  It's SO pretty.  Big purchase but thrilled about it after a long time without dining furniture at all and not practical lounge furniture.  We spend a lot of time out there.  


2.  Orange vodka for the Orange Crushes - this is what I got from our local liquor store.  They didn't have a huge selection to be honest so I got what looked okay and this turned out wonderfully!
Review: New Amsterdam Orange and Pineapple Vodkas - Drinkhacker

3. I workout in very small pieces of time when I can fit it in!  This is how it goes down for me - sometimes I get up super early (prior to 6am) and fit a 30 minute peloton ride in.  Now that the sun rises so early, I'll sometimes go run in the morning.  Another time of day I try to do Peloton is the second I put Grady down for his nap (12pm) and everyone at my office is at lunch.  That is my best bet but not always practical with work and conference calls.  If that doesn't happen, which it only does a day or two a week, I'll go out at night after the kids are in bed and walk or run with my friend Jen.  And sometimes when none of this happens, I lift weights in my driveway while my kids play in the afternoon.  On the weekends, I'll take Grady for a long walk.  And sometimes when I put him down for nap on the weekends, I'll hop on my Peloton.  The key is, don't overthink it.  Just do it.  Mental and physical health for SURE!

4. What am I doing for childcare right now?  WINGING IT.  I have a neighborhood gal that has been coming a few random days a week for part of the day.  And I have another babysitter that is coming here and there. So I typically have some part of the day childcare for a few days a week.  That's the goal at least.  On days I'm not going to my office, I like her to be here from 9-1.  That gets me through my conference calls, she puts Grady to bed at 12pm then does school work with Molly Anne from 12-1.  Molly Anne does school work way better for someone other than me.  She's doing a Kindergarten workbook, some math sheets and sight word flashcards.  That's about it.  Otherwise, it's a puzzle or connect the dots or something like that.  No big school worksheets anymore now that summer is here.  But this childcare set up is the way it is until Kindergarten starts or their daycare opens back up, whichever comes first.  I'm learning to be flexible and have a lot of patience!

5.  Tomorrow I hope to have a post up about what I've bought from Amazon this week because it's some good stuff and I think you should know about some items for this summer!

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