Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Molly Anne's 5th Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a little birthday party for Molly Anne at a local farm.  I wasn't sure what we should do because of the corona but I knew we wanted to do something special for her.  She's recently become obsessed with the show Spirit on Netflix and I asked her if she'd like to ride a horse for her birthday and it was a big YES!  This worked out well because it was outside, we could all be far apart and it also was not at our house (win!).  Done and done.

Ms. Gail always makes the cutest cakes.  And each layer inside was a different color of the rainbow!

She chose her little outfit!  Tutu to ride Spirit?!  Why not!?!

It was Molly Anne and 7 little friends.  Her bestie from each of her school classes, some besties since birth and besties in the neighbhorhood.  It was perfect.  We did miss a couple of sweet friends that couldn't come due to vacation and another party!

I'm so glad the girls were able to be together!  It was the sweetest morning for sure!  I kept lunch very simple - we got individual boxes of chick fil a nuggets so noone had to serve any food by hand, apple sauce pouches and little bags of pirates booty.  Added a juice box and water and done!  The cake was the best part!

She has a big week coming up to celebrate even more - on her birthday,...July 4th! 

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