Thursday, June 25, 2020

Random Thursday

1.  Our babysitter tie dyed shirts with the kids yesterday. I picked up shirts and a tie dye kit at Michaels and it was a big hit. Also, I’m glad Julia loves and doesn’t mind messy crafts. She’s the best!  Molly Anne is obsessed and now wants to tie dye all of the things. 

2.  Speaking of Michaels - they have the best pool tubes and toys...right now they’re 60% off!  I had to go in there to get something else and just happened to spot these!

3.  I forgot to wear makeup to work yesterday. Just not in the swing of remembering to get myself ready normally.  Oh well. 

4.  Molly Anne had her last of 8 swim lessons over three weeks last night. I love the bootcamp style of how I signed her up for classes. It’s a commitment for the three weeks but well worth it. Keeps her fresh and for some reason it worked really well with her. She can swim the length of their pool freestyle and back stroke. Her back stroke is definitely stronger. For freestyle, the side breathing is a lot to put together with strong arms and kicking but she can do it. Just requires a lot more concentration. Anyway, we are so proud of her. 

5.  Update on Mills - good news on his bloodwork - it came back perfectly fine on the recheck. Whew!!!  He still hasn’t gotten his stitches out because when I took him back last Friday, the incision wasn’t ready.  We are going to try again this Friday. The bad part is he has another cyst that keeps opening right next to the big incision on his back. This boy!!

6.  Grady has his two year well visit today. A tad late due to Covid but glad we are getting in so he can get his vaccines.  

Chat soon friends. 

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