Friday, June 5, 2020

Amazon Purchases This Week

I never really do Amazon posts but these are some good things that I thought may be useful for your fam too!

1.  These lunch containers.  This year we will be going to the pool during lunch pretty often so these were essential.  We used some YumBox ones the other day and I wasn't very impressed.  Maybe because we weren't worried about spilling like a take to school lunch may be?  But anyway, these sure will be handy and we won't use a zillion baggies in a week. 

2.  Yeti water bottles for the kids.  Yes I am fully aware that these are excessive but we are outside CONSTANTLY and their contigo bottles do not keep their water cold.  And the word from friends is that they do not leak and are wonderful.  

3.  Counters - my friend Hilary told me that Molly Anne needed these because they use them in Kindergarten and are really cool.  I got them and Molly Anne says oh I used those in my class last year.  They've both enjoyed playing with them a lot!

4.  Bunch O Balloons - they LOVE these.  Instant water balloons! I don't love picking up the remnants but it's worth it after seeing them have the best time. 

5.  Math Workbook for Molly Anne - gotta get that math going!

I also bought a pair of running socks (mine have holes in them, literally probably haven't gotten any since college), a new baby girl gift - this book and this bunny, and Spirit tableware for Molly Anne's birthday coming up!  Sorry, nothing exciting for our age but lots of kiddo stuff instead! Story of the Mama life right?!!

Yall have a nice weekend!!

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