Friday, June 12, 2020

The Week and Mills

Hi friends!  I'm so glad it's Friday.  Aren't you?!

Mills had surgery on Tuesday to remove two of the fatty benign cysts that he had.  One on his toosh had ruptured about 10 days ago and the one on his back was huge and really needed to be removed too.  When they were doing his pre-surgery bloodwork, they found he had a low white blood count too so he's going to be retested on that next week.  Fingers crossed.  I'm trying not to freak!

It's been pretty rough at nights so hoping he gets some much needed rest this weekend.  

Molly Anne got some legos done this week!  She had kind of taken a lego hiatus of doing an actual kit and just playing with them instead (which was fine!) but she loved getting back into it!  This was the Turtles Rescue Mission!  

Double rainbows from Molly Anne's window!  Unreal right?!  The colors were so clear and bright too!

Ready to go on our loop as we call it! It's been so humid here lately that we are super hot and gross when we get back!  It takes us about 20 minutes and it's always good to get outside. 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  

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