Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Best Weekend in Pawleys

Sometimes you have a weekend that you never want to end.  That was this weekend for us!  

Early Saturday morning we loaded up and drove down to Pawleys Island to my brother's house for the long weekend.  

We got there and hung out downstairs on their patio looking at the water and watching football.  Grady liked the view!

I took my oldest niece to the Lilly store and we ran a couple other errands.  It was so fun shopping with her!  She's 10 and so much fun to hang out with.  Meanwhile, my SIL was showing my son all of my brother's fishing rods.  He only has a few hahah!  Is this picture not hilarious?!!

Saturday night Grady had his first non-family babysitter!  Ms. Teresa came and took care of the 4 children while my brother, SIL, Kevin and I went to the Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet for the Tyler Farr concert.  

Chaos, but SO fun!

The next morning, Grady and I sat on the porch for his bottle!

The three golden boys attended the golden grooming salon by the three girls on the back porch!

Then Grady went on his first boat ride!  We took their new boat (their 3rd one at the moment ha) on the river.  

He loved it but those cheeks just laid on that life jacket haha!

Molly Anne loves some Aunt Emily!

Grady's first dip in the river. 

Then he took a nap.  Boat naps are the best, even if you're up on Sandy Island!

We hung out there with some of their friends.  Always good to see them.  My brother has lived in Pawleys for 18 years and I've gone down there a ton so I know a good number of their friends!

Pulling away

Nap time in the cuddy cabin where she may have had her eyes closed for 30 seconds.  Too much excitement!

It was pretty cool for my brother to take Grady out on his first boat ride.  We grew up going on the boat every weekend with my parents so this was neat.  Clay also took Molly Anne out for her first boat ride when she was 4 months old!

The girls went for a swim when we got back to the marina then we headed home to chill.  Molly Anne's head is hanging out of the green swing on the left of the below picture!

Molly Anne and Grady were in bed and my brother had grilled these steaks so we had an adult fancy dinner on the porch!

Then took the dogs to the end of the dock to let them swim.  That's Mills in the below picture with Gills leading the pack!

Mills was so scared at first but I got in with him and walked him over to the sandbar.  Then he loved it!

I got a little wet doing that.  It was beautiful out there on the creek.  

There we are out there!

Mills asleep on my brother and SIL's bed.  Spoiled rotten.  

We got up, had a good breakfast then got in the car to come home.  I just love that we had that time together with my brother and his family.  We always have fun with them and everyone gets along so well.  It's just easy!

It was sort of a rough ride home with Grady but he pulled through on the second half and we made it home.  We all took showers, did a ton of laundry and got ready for the week.  I was blow drying my hair and Grady was hanging with me (he loves the hair dryer).  Next thing I know, Molly Anne had gotten Grady his "blanky's cousin" just like hers and they were sitting together.  ADORABLE.  

We slipped next door and had dinner at Hilary and Drew's and had to leave abruptly because Molly Anne was done and done.  We came home at 6:15 and she was asleep by 6:21pm.  Literally.  Thank goodness we think Hilary and Drew love us because we essentially went over there empty handed and even went after we told them we couldn't come.  Then also showed up with one tired little girl.  

Thank you all for your sweet comments to my post last week about going back to work today.  I know it will be fine and go well but ahhh!  

Chat soon!


  1. I literally laughed out loud at the picture of Grady's cheeks on the life jacket. He's adorable! Hope you have a good week back at work!

  2. Weekends like this are the best!! We've had several this summer - making it even harder to roll into fall! Family time is good for the soul!

  3. Tyler Farr is fantastic! I got to see him 2 years ago at PNC, love his voice! The babies out on the boat, those are lifelong memories! For years we always had boats and then for a few years we didn't. My brother has a boat again and my favorite memories are our time all together out on the water!

  4. Grady is such a chubster! I LOVE it!