Monday, September 17, 2018

Hurricane Florence

What a weekend.  Hurricane Florence came our way but didn't do nearly the amount of damage that happened at the coast of North Carolina.  I'm just so sorry for those folks and hope the rebuilding process can start soon.  

We took most of the furniture off our porch on Friday afternoon after we got home from work.  

And put it inside.  We had run out of room in our garages so we just stuck it in the breakfast area.  

Molly Anne is way into forts these days.  Kevin started building them with her a few weeks ago and she's been obsessed.  This may be her most creative one to date haha!

We never mind a weekend at home because we aren't home during the week.  Molly Anne loves playing with all of her toys and doing random activities at home.  I used the @busytoddler instagram account to come up with two activities that she loved!  

First, use these stickers and draw a few apples and have her outline it in stickers.  

The other one is write her name in big letters then I did five post-its with each letter on it and hid them all over the first floor of our house.  She had to find the letters and put them on the letter on the banner.  Molly Anne already knows all of her letters but this was still a fun activity for her!

This boy was precious to be with!

Saturday night we went next door for dinner and to hang out.  

I went home and put them to bed and this was us leaving haha! 

We played cards against humanity and had way too much fun.  Oh and I beat Drew in ping pong so there's that. 

Sunday morning Molly Anne and I checked on the drainage system we had installed under the house on Friday.  It was dry under there so that meant it was working.  We have been having issues with groundwater and needed to get it drained to one location and pumped out so that's what we had done just in time before the storm.  

We also cleared the catch basins in front of our house so the rainwater could flow faster and easier.  

And we did a lot of this.  It was a really nice weekend together!

My brain really isn't thinking straight this morning.  Molly Anne's school is closed again today so she is at Becky's with Grady.  Becky is amazinggggg.  She kept her for me on Friday too so I could work.  Chat soon friends. 


  1. So glad you are safe!!! Have a great week!

  2. Sometimes a weekend to do nothing is just what is needed! So glad the hurricane stayed away. Hope your brother's place is ok too...I know Charleston didn't get it like the expected.

  3. That's awesome of Ms. Becky to step in when Molly Anne's preschool is closed. It looks like you all had a fun weekend despite the weather, and I'm thankful that you all didn't get hit too badly. I'm hoping your brother's home is okay too. Also, I'm going to have to start following that toddler instagram account!