Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Grady is Four Months

Grady was 4 months on Sunday!  Here's what he's been up to!

1.  He is 17 pounds 3 ounces, wearing a size 2 diaper and size 3 at night.  Mostly wearing 9 month clothes.  He isn't a small dude!  He goes to the doctor on Friday so I'll find out his real digits then!  

2.  He is sooo smiley and happy!  He started at Ms. Becky's full time a few weeks ago and is doing well there.  Ms. Becky says he doesn't like to be put down or have her out of his sight.  I think I know where that came from haha!  That would be from me holding him 24/7 for his first 4 months of life!  We like to laugh about what I created.  He will get used to his new normal!

3.  He has been cooing, smiling and giggling this month a ton.  I think maybe his reflux is getting better?  He still gets that medicine along with a probiotic and gas drops every morning.  #highmaintenance :)

4.  He's still in physical therapy to get him moving more due to torticollis.  Hard to move that much weight yall!  He rolled over for the first time last night - tummy to back over his left shoulder.  I was so proud because we've been working really hard on this every day!  

He may be getting a band for his head in the next couple of weeks.  We'll know more later this week.  Minor in the grand scheme.  

5.  This month we went to Pawleys Island and he went on his first boat ride with his Uncle Clay!  I hope this was the first of many boat rides for these two together!

6.  He started eating bananas on Sunday and we did three days of those.  Today starts a veggie.  I need to review my old posts about feeding Molly Anne so I can be sure I'm doing it right ha!  He loved those bananas though!

7.  We start the bedtime routine about 6:15/6:30pm.  Bath, bottle, bed.  He's in the bed by 7pm.  He sleeps through the night until about 6:30/7am.  He started sleeping through the night a few days after his 3 month birthday.  He's had a couple of nights where he hasn't but that was possibly due to sleeping in a laundry room in Pawleys. ;) He slept through the night the first night in there but not the second.  Then the night we got home, since I had fed him in order to not wake the whole house at my brother's, I had to feed him again (only 1/2 bottle this time).  The third night, he woke but I didn't feed him.  Then he was back to normal and sleeping again.  

8.  Since he started sleeping, he has been so much happier during the days.  He plays a ton with those play mats where he can swat at the toys and grab onto them.  Not much else to play with at this point right?!   He isn't taking a paci very much.  I only sort of tried to get him to take one because I don't want him addicted to all of that, nor am I playing paci pong.  But honestly, he really doesn't care about it anyway.    

9.  This boy is the most hot-natured child I've ever met!  Also since he has grown so much so fast, I've basically quit buying clothes because he only wears them once and then he doesn't fit in them.  When he levels out, I may get him something other than a plain ole onesie!  At the rate we are going, he'll be a size 5T next summer!  

10.  Of course wonder-woman couldn't be left out of the pictures!  She always likes to help me pick out what he will wear and put his lion in his chair for his monthly pictures!  A look back at her 4 month update!

She is the sweetest big sister and I LOVE how she talks to him!  She gets this high pitched mama voice.  It's precious!