Monday, September 24, 2018

Emme's Party and Out

Friday night we got into pajamas early and ate leftovers for dinner!  We never are so boring on a Friday but it was necessary!  How cute are these new Lila and Hayes pajamas I got for Molly Anne at Fancy Pants?  They are soooo soft and sweet!

We had a big day on Saturday.  First up, soccer!

Then Molly Anne and I went to get her hair done because we had family pictures later that day!  She loves getting it blown dry there and they can do it so much better than me!  

This boy didn't get to do much on Saturday because it was too hot for him to be outside in his band so Daddy stayed with him most of the day in the air conditioning!

I took these two girlies to Emme's 3rd birthday party!  

Of course Margot went above and beyond and had the cutest Mermaids and Unicorns party ever!  Molly Anne loved making a treasure chest! 

Adorable right?!

All of the children!

Birthday girl on the right...with Nora Beth and Molly Anne!

After the party we had family pictures taken by Lindsay Hart.  I can't wait to get them and I will definitely share.  How adorable is sweet Grady in his outfit?!!

The boys!

We got a babysitter last minute and headed to our club for a late dinner and some drinks.  We ended up making friends with people in the bar and had too much fun.  Then we hopped over to a nearby bar and hung there for a beverage before we ubered home!  

I wore my favorite dress - such a classic.

Sunday was a low key day for everyone including Millsy!  Molly Anne was pretty spent after such a big day on Saturday so we just played around the house!

Mills wouldn't even move so I could feed Grady where I usually do every day!  Poor Grady had to lay on his tail!  

Monday morning and Molly Anne picked out our outfits for work!  Purple day evidently haha!  She even took our picture!

She had Fun and Fitness at school today so she had to wear her "Soccer shoes" as she calls them!  

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  I'm looking forward to the week and playing catch up on sleep!  Grady has had a time with his helmet.  We were there on Friday and have to go again tomorrow which is unusual but we are trying to get it right on his head!  

Chat soon!


  1. Yay! We loved celebrating with y’all! Thank you for making Emme’s day so special!

  2. What a fun birthday party, and Grady looks adorable for his pictures! I can’t wait to see the family photos!!