Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Random Wednesday

1.  I still am not getting emails when you all comment on a blog post so I'm incredibly sorry I can't reply to you!  I hope Blogger fixes this soon.  Thank you for all of your sweet comments!

2.  I got some of our Fall decorations out and put them around the house. I honestly don’t have much Fall decor but maybe I’ll find some cute things on sale at the end of the season for next year.  I’m not a huge fan of Fall (I know, I know) so I’ve never rushed out to buy all the things!

3.  I reallllllly need to start for real exercising. I’ve been taking Mills a few times a week to run/walk but that isn’t going to cut it.   

4.  I can’t believe October is in two weeks. How did that happen?  

5.  Tomorrow all of our landscaping that didn’t make it (since being planted in 10 degree weather) will be replaced. We’ve been waiting for the weather to start turning from 1,000 degree days to a bit cooler.   Anyway, I’m so excited about this.  It’s going to make our yard look so much better.  And our grass will be overseeded in a couple of weeks.  

6.  We got all of our furniture put back on our porch but before we did this, Kevin scrubbed the slate down. It feels so much cleaner out there even though it’s open to the elements! 

7.  I’m hosting a mom’s night out for the other moms in Molly Anne’s class at school. It will be nice to meet them!

8.  We’ve been playing ‘clean out the freezer’ since last week and it’s been good to get rid of some of that stuff.  Plus I haven’t really had to cook and since I’ve been back to work, this has been so nice!  

Yep, that’s some random for y’all!  


  1. I mean, I like fall, sure, but it doesnt arrive for another month, AT LEAST here!

  2. I got an email from blogger and I am not getting emails when people comment. I think I got it two or three weeks ago??? I am SO ready for the fall, it's my favorite season!

  3. I meant "and I am NOW getting emails..."