Friday, September 7, 2018

Six on Friday - Back to Work, Grady Update

This week has gone relatively smooth except Molly Anne hasn't been thrilled with me leaving her a couple mornings when I drop her off.  I think that's what made my first day back to work the hardest.  She literally chased me down the hall in tears.  Bless.  It was after a long weekend so I think that was the problem...she used to do that at Ms. Becky's occasionally too.  Plus, I've never taken her every day, Kevin always has, and she's pretty attached to me.  She was fine the first two weeks and she loves her new school and teachers so I know it's not any of that.  It will shake out and get better.  

Two of my co-workers (my closer friends at my work) walked into my office Tuesday morning rright when I got there to welcome me back and I just lost it.  But they were so sweet and I quickly got my act together!  It was a big day yall, but I survived!

This good mail was waiting for me when I got home on Tuesday and that was fun to open after the children were in bed.  All from Shutterbugs in Raleigh.  I'm obsessed.  Don't tell Kevin.  ;)

I ordered this adorable stationery for Grady.  CAN YOU EVEN?!!!  All the heart eyes.  Note - I did have her change the font from how she shows it on the website.  

Molly Anne has been doing artwork every day at school and it's one of my favorite parts of picking her up!  I love seeing what she has been doing and of course I always snap a picture and upload it to my Instagram account that is solely for her artwork!  I thought this one was extra cute!

An update on little Grady.  He has practically lived in this Boba Carrier.  Literally best $100 we've spent in a long time.  It's magical - he literally falls asleep instantly in it.  Anyway, I've used this since day one.  I've never put him in a swing to fall asleep or to just be.  I've held him constantly.  But, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter.  Their head can still get flat from torticollis even if you do physical therapy from 2 months on and even if you hold them 24/7.  It's how he and Molly Anne were inside of me and it's just the way the cookie has crumbled.  I feel 100% confident there's nothing I could have done better for him.  It's the way it is.  

Anyway, he may be getting a band like Molly Anne did.  At this point, we are leaning towards doing it because of his facial features that aren't perfect.  The flat spot on the back right of his head is making his right forehead and right cheek protrude out.  We've already been to Cranial Tech.  It's already run through insurance and yeah it's still like $1,400 but that's minor in the grand scheme.  If he needs it and it's something we can do to help him, we're going to do it.  Period.  Money and inconvenience are the two reasons we would possibly not do it.  I know it's not an inconvenience to Grady because Molly Anne did not care an ounce.  In fact, looking back, it was such a blip on the radar even though it was a huge deal to me at the time.  Molly Anne's timing of how long she had to wear it was 8-10 weeks and she wore it 8.  Grady's estimate is 5-8 weeks so not terrible.

There we have it, I'm not sure what we are going to do but we'll see.  The prime time is 4-6 months because that's when they grow rapidly so we will be deciding over the next couple of weeks.  We are going to have more measurements done and evaluate those against the ones done a couple of weeks ago.  That's the plan for now.  Until then we are continuing with physical therapy and that's making him get strong!

(also, he was 17 pounds last Friday at the doc!)

This boy and I have been going out for walks/runs after the children are asleep at nights and it's been so wonderful.  I forgot how much good a little walk around the hood can do for you!  It's helped my mind and made me feel better.  And Mills LOVES it!  Our neighborhood is so pretty and I love looking at the houses while going up and down the hills.  It's good for the soul!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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