Thursday, September 27, 2018

Recipe: Two Low Carb Easy Dinners

Wow, I'm on a recipe kick.  But honestly I just want to share easy stuff for us because I love when others do the same! 

1.  Stuffed Rotel Dip Peppers - I got this recipe from my friend Rachel but you all know that dip you have for football games - a can of rotel, block of cream cheese and a pound of cooked sausage?  Make that and stuff peppers with it!  I cleaned out the inside of the peppers and boiled them for 15 minutes or so, then stuffed them and baked for 15 minutes at 350.   Also, I made these ahead of time then popped them into the oven right when we all got home. 

2.  Mix and Match Chicken Fajita Soup and a southwestern chopped salad kit.  Easy.  I used a rotisserie chicken.  No, Kevin wouldn't eat it but Molly Anne and I did.  In fact, she helped me make the soup which was fun to do together!

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