Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Under the Dress Shorts

Well I survived yesterday.  Barely ha!  Molly Anne had a melt down when I dropped her off but that's not unusual after her being home with us for a long weekend.  It still was extra sad especially since I had to go to work for the first time in 3.5 months right after that.  She chased me down the hall yall!  But her teachers were wonderful and she got settled right back into the classroom by coloring a picture!


One thing I was not prepared for when Molly Anne started school was the requirement to wear shorts under dresses.  I was like come on, she is 3!  But evidently this stuff starts early and they should have their panties covered.  Plus, for the playground etc, it is cleaner and safer.  And I'm not sure why I was completely surprised because I was a crazy mama who never let her out of the house without a diaper cover over her diaper!

Anyway, my SIL to the rescue.  She recommended these two brands because they hold up well and last much longer than the $5 ones from Target.  I also got Molly Anne a white pair from Old Navy and I'll be honest, those are great but I probably shouldn't have gotten her white.  They were dirty from the playground after wearing them once. 

So here are the couple brands I ordered from Amazon.  I ordered a couple pairs of each - pink and navy of course!  I already have one pair of each from my niece and I'm leaning towards liking the Monkeybar buddies as far as comfort...they're Molly Anne's favorite so far.  


  1. Glad you survived your first day. It is a short week which should help.
    My daughter wore the biker style shorts from
    Gymboree. They held up very well.

  2. has tons of colors of underdress shorts for about $7 a piece and they have lasted us two years!

  3. So glad you made it made it through day one back to work but just a small bruise on your heart...I cannot imagine how hard that would be to walk the other way from your child while they are crying for you - one of those things you have to do as a parent...UGH. My niece wears the Monkeybar Buddies and loves them!!! So is a total tomboy so it is a good thing they have this requirement - LOL!!!

  4. I hear you, Mama! I was pretty surprised at this too. We found Gymboree ones too, at first because of the sale price- but they hold up great. Bloomers of the 21st century??

  5. Second to Katie’s comment above - we swear by the ones from I buy them in bulk and Sydney likes that they don’t make her dresses feel “bunchey”.

    Glad you made it through Day 1 - the melt downs tug SO hard at the heart!