Thursday, September 13, 2018

Halloween Class Treats and Teacher Gifts

Too early for Fall and Halloween treats?!  I'm a crazy person and like to do these things EARLY!  Here are the treats I made for Molly Anne's teachers and classmates!

Teachers - I got them soap from Bath and Body works and these cute pumpkins from the Target dollar aisle - crazy!  I'm going to give them these treats on September 21st, the day before the first day of Fall (which is that Saturday)!

Children's treats - I tried to steer away from too many scary things! 

This is what's in their little cups and it's all from Dollar Tree or Target!  Cup, stickers, blank little book so they can use that for their stickers and stamp, a play-pack, glow stick and spider rings!

I also got little things for Grady's friends at Ms. Becky's which I'll share at some point!  They're from Target too, nothing fancy!

Can't believe it'll be October in a few weeks!


  1. Love all the treats!!!! The dollar store rocks! Cannot believe we are that close the Halloween already! Ugh - where does the time go?!?!

  2. So cute! I need to get my fall stuff together! Stay safe with the hurricane. 💕

  3. Very much admire your ability to be way ahead of the game!