Thursday, September 6, 2018

Fresh Market Haul

We got back from the beach on Monday and had no groceries and I hadn't even thought of doing any meal planning.  I was too busy soaking up my last days at home before maternity leave was over.  Now it's back to reality with working every day and figuring out what to put on some plates for dinner each night.

Y'all know I'm a loyal Harris Teeter express lane shopper.  I don't even go in there...literally I've done express lane for 3 years.  Occasionally I like to go to Trader Joe's to get wine and cheeses and I also like to go to Fresh Market because their prepared food section is the best around I think!  Yesterday I had about 30 minute to zip in there with no children and I thought I'd share what I got.  I always like seeing other people's grocery store hauls because it gives me new ideas.  

I spent $125 total and this is everything I came home with.  Now let me break it down...

My friend Sarah has always told me about the roasted chicken plus two sides and cornbread for $14.99 so I finally did that!  When I got home I took all of the chicken off the bone and put it in a tupperware.  I will use that probably on a salad or maybe in a taco bowl.  The pasta salads we may use if we grill out this weekend or for lunches.  The cornbread...well I only got that because it came with the meal deal.

Speaking of meal deals - they have the Big Little Meals for $20 and I sometimes get that too.  It's usually something already made that you just have to pop in the oven.  I didn't need that for this week so I opted to not get it this time.  

Anyway, I got this tortellini pasta dish that will last the three of us for two meals.  And I love their chopped Caesar Kit!  I honestly probably won't eat the pasta but I may put some of the roasted chicken on the salad.  

This stuff I got for lunches and to fill in.  I've never gotten the chicken bites for Molly Anne but I thought they'd be something different for her than her usual Perdue chicken nuggets.  Kevin will love the shrimp cocktail and eat that for lunch one day this week or we may use it for an appetizer this weekend.  The sushi rolls are $5 on Wednesdays so I got two of those for lunch today and tomorrow.  

Milk, self explanatory.  I have been drinking iced coffee a couple days a week and I usually get the Stok brand from Teeter but this was on sale for cheaper than that is so I figured I'd try this.  And this no sugar added vanilla creamer looked good and I needed more creamer (I always get sugar free - no carbs!).  

If you haven't tried this Endless Summer salad kit from there, you're missing out.  My friend Kathryn brought it with the dinner she did for us after Grady was born and I got addicted.  Eggs because I've been making sausage and egg muffins for quick morning breakfasts.   A big thing of mixed fruit because I don't have time right now to cut many different fruits.  BBQ sauce that is from a local Charlotte guy that I thought Kevin would want to try.  

Snack stuff - Wasabi Wonder - I already got into this and it's so good.  Wasabi peas, almonds and cashews.  Okra chips and dried apple chips.  

Bananas just because, avocado for chicken taco bowls, tomato for sandwiches this weekend, apples for Apple Tasting Day at Molly Anne's school.  Had to get the honey crisp!

That's it!  

PS - Fresh Market doesn't know me.  I spent our money there.  


  1. I am always leery of shopping there because I heard it was pricey compared to Aldi's but it does not sound too outrageous. Maybe I will give it a shot someday! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love seeing these types of posts from you!

  3. I always love these posts! It looks like you got lots of easy, yummy meals to get dinner on the table!

  4. Honey Crisp apples are the only kind in my book!