Friday, July 22, 2016

Seven on Friday - House, Fly, MA & Mills, Pillow

Hello friends.  So glad today is Friday!

1.  We are still working on house renderings, brick and stone selections and redesigning.  Always something changing.  Met with the builder and architect on Tuesday night so hopefully next Tuesday we'll have a good idea on what it'll look like.

2.  Got to a Flywheel class this week with one of my co-workers.  

3.  Mills had his annual physical yesterday and checked out mostly okay.  He was the most excited dog ever to be at the Doctor's office.  We are going to do a minor surgery in August to take off a couple cysts and test them for cancer (which isn't expected but better safe than sorry), clean his teeth and biopsy a growth on his gum.  I just get so worried about pure bred golden retrievers so we do get him checked pretty often for lumps etc.  He's our best friend!

4.  Molly Anne is very into books these days and that's a good thing because we are now reading at least three before bed in lieu of drinking milk.  Our new routine!

5.  Where did this blonde hair come from?  Oh, my Mom.  Ha.  Ready for swim class yesterday...

6.  I tried to get a picture of them like I did when she was an infant but she's too busy for that.  So I stuck her between Mills and the back of the couch...check out the comparison...Mills' face is much whiter and obviously she's a year older! 

July 2015 versus July 2016.

Loving books!

7.  I got Molly Anne a pillow for her crib because the Doc said she can have one starting at age one!  I doubt she'll use it, except to throw around but at least she'll have it if she wants it. It's so soft and cool for her! So sweet. 

Happy Weekend to everyone.  We have some big plans which we're really excited about!  


  1. Her hair is so blonde! Maybe it'll eventually turn red like yours? Oliver is a book worm too! That pillow is too precious! Hope Mills' biopsy comes back ok!

  2. Love that comparison pic! Both are adorable, but what a difference a year makes! Hope Mills' biopsy comes back clear, these pets are our family for sure!

  3. I bet those cysts are just fatty. My parents dog had to have them removed all the time but never anything serious. He is such a sweet dog it seems with MA.

  4. I hope Mills is okay! Our dog is super white in the face now :(. I'm going to ask Inna to paint a watercolor of our dog - I think it would be a nice forever keepsake!
    MA looks so much like your mom!! She is precious!

  5. Those pictures of MA and Mills are so sweet! I hope Mills is okay. When something happens with your dog it is so scary. It's good that you are getting all of that checked out. Also, so exciting that your house plans are coming together! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love the photo comparison! Hope everything is okay with Mills!

  7. Hope everything checks out ok with Mills! You're right - better safe than sorry!! Love the comparison picture, it is the cutest!!