Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Molly Anne and I made a trip by ourselves this past weekend and into this week and had SO much fun!  Kevin stayed behind to work...he's having some growing pains at work these days and couldn't take a couple days off.  

We left on Saturday morning around 8am and headed to see my brother, SIL and nieces in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.  This is how the trip went:

8am - leave and watch Sesame Street on my iPad that I had gotten a headrest case for.  
9am - she should have fallen asleep for her morning nap but didn't and she just hung out
9:45am - we stopped at Chick Fil A in Sumter, SC for a quick break and a snack (had to use stroller so I could go to the bathroom too - things you must think of when you are the only adult on a road trip!)
10:15am - back in the car with more Sesame Street on
11am - I didn't start another episode on purpose and she finally fell asleep
11:45am - she woke up
12pm we arrived

And after a quick lunch at Ships Pub, we went out on the creek.  She loved it.  This wasn't her first time on their boat but she was much older this time and I think loved it more!

Playing in the inlet

That night we hung at their house and went crabbing off their dock after the little girls were in bed.

Gorgeous right?!

We caught dinner for the next night.

The next day we played in the morning then went to a place they're members of to go to the pool.  My brother met us there with his other boat and we went out the river that afternoon for a quick spin.  Then went back to the pool.  She was in heaven!

Sunday night crabs!  Isn't the view from their house so pretty?!  It's like living in paradise every day.

The Marylanders had a little crab competition...who could pick the most?!  He won.

Monday morning hanging with Mills' golden retriever cousins - Gill and Fin.  She giggled at them and they played with her.

We went to a few shops in town then we had lunch at Bisqit in the Hammock Shops.  They have the best pickled vegetables.

Amazing view from their house.  Those houses in the distance are on the beach.

We took pictures of all the girls in matching, monogrammed shrimp and grits outfits.

After dinner we walked from their dock through the water behind Molly Anne in this picture and over to the sandbar on the left.  Can I please just tell you that this may have been the happiest I've ever seen her?  She was SOOO excited playing in that sand and a little puddle.  This picture of her is actually an after can see all the sand on her.  Emily took pictures of the girls on her good camera that I'll post another day.  They are so cute and I'm planning to get them printed!

We came home yesterday.  It was such a fun trip and they went above and beyond for us!!!  I really appreciated all of their help with Molly Anne and the three girls had a blast together.  I love that they'll grow up close to each other despite living 3.5 hours away.  There's just something about good ole family that I am so thankful for.  


  1. Bisqit is my JAM :) best brunch ever. What did you think of Ships Pub? I haven't been yet, but haven't heard great things ...

  2. Looks like SO much fun!! I'm closer to my cousins who live out of town than the ones that grew up in stl. It's totally what you make if it snd those 3 girls will be close forever!!

  3. What a lovely little getaway!!! (Keep your eyes on your mailbox this week!)

  4. What a wonderful time! I feel shorter car trips like that are so great, and time with family is so important! MA looks like she enjoyed every minute!

  5. What a great trip! Pawley's Island is beautiful and MA looks like a perfect beach babe.