Friday, July 29, 2016

Sandbar Pictures

These pictures will forever hold a special memory for me.  Molly Anne was SO happy and SO excited.  It might have been the happiest I've ever seen her.  She could not get enough and I loved seeing her thrilled!  Plus, my sister in law was taking these pictures, I didn't have my phone so I was able to truly enjoy the moment.  I do believe there is something to be said about putting the phone/camera down and living in the present moment.  I need to do more of it so I can see the joy more.  Can't wait to frame some of these!


  1. Such perfection! The sneak peek on FB had my jaw on the floor....those three girls looked like darling models!!!!!!

  2. MA is just the cutest baby I have ever seen! She is such a doll!

  3. These pictures are precious!!!