Thursday, March 31, 2016


A couple weeks ago Kevin and I met with an attorney to do our will and also select both a healthcare power of attorney and power of attorney.

We had been discussing doing this since Molly Anne was born and the HR girl sent our company an email that said we had a benefit that this was a free process.  It was kind of odd timing because we had talked about it the week prior anyway.  May as well take advantage of them providing an attorney to get it done.  

When I contacted the attorney, he said the first step was to fill out an information sheet listing all of our contact information and who we want to be named for everything.  We obviously chose each other for both power of attorney's and my back up is my Dad.  

We had already decided that if something happened to both of us, my brother and my SIL would get Molly Anne.  We had asked them back in November when we were there.  We felt that she would be taken care of like she was their own and Kevin and I know they parent the same way we will.  I have learned a lot from watching my sister in law with my nieces over the years and she is an awesome mom to them.  There are lots of good moms in the world but I think my sister in law is extra amazing.  

I hope this urges you all to go get a will done and make sure it will hold up in court.  We still aren't finished with ours but it's being drafted now. Go get it done!  It's a hard conversation but an important one.  


  1. The day before my birthday this year, my Mom called to ask me if there was anything I wanted should something happen, because she was FINALLY handling a will. So proud of you for getting it done now!!!

  2. I don't think my parents really had one until I was like 10 whoops. But early on my mom always said her brother and his wife would take me then as the years went on she sorta changed that idea. Obviously it was fine and was never needed. But weird to think about now.

    Glad you're handling it!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. It is such a depressing thought, but so important! Good for you all for getting that drafted!

  4. It is so important to do. About 5 years ago a friend of mine passed away when his wife was 3 months pregnant. They had literally completed their will and life insurance a week before his sudden death. So, so awful, but such a relief that they had something in place.