Thursday, March 10, 2016


Past couple days I've been running through airports (literally) and pulling some ridiculously long days. All worth it but tough to come home and be ON and ready to be mama!  

Here are some pics over the last week. We've been going to the playground almost every day after school or at least going for a walk or run.  Molly Anne lovesssss the swinging!

I had to get a spray bottle of water to keep by her getting ready area.  It's the only way I can tame her hair! ;)

Love these spring days!

She wore a tshirt the other day that we got her from park city. Too cute!

Doing some work this week in Utah. 

Back with these two. I got home late last night, well early this morning, and Kevin had done laundry and washed my nice.  And of course he had taken care of the queenie!  I think it's good bonding time for the two of them.  

Happy Thursday!


  1. Nothing better than coming home to a clean car! Solid move Kevin!

  2. I hate cleaning my car and would love for someone to do it for me. I don't think Rob has gotten that memo. ha.

  3. All of that traveling! Come back to Dallas!!!

  4. How sweet of Kevin! I agree that it is sometimes good for them to get alone time.😀 Soon it will be the weekend and hopefully you can get some family time then!

  5. I am right there with you about these girls hair. AG has major bed head every morning.