Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday - What's Up

No big St. Patty's day celebrations around here.  Just a typical day for us.  I remember the days of Kevin and I being uptown doing bar crawls in our green shirts and watching the parade.  But I like these low key days of hanging out with Molly Anne better!  Here is what we've been up to recently...

1.  We have loved being outside after work and before dinner.  On Monday Sarah texted me and said hey you wanna go for a walk to the we did just that!

2.  Also on Monday night we got a terrible thunderstorm.  Mills has become so scared of them.  He shakes and pants constantly and has to be in a safe place to him.  I loved on him for the hour of thunder and lightening.  Poor baby.  

Meanwhile, this one didn't flinch at the thunder one ounce.  Thank goodness. The kids next door have been playing basketball at 7:30pm right outside her window and she hasn't moved.  I have no clue how we got so lucky but this child sleeps.  Maybe it helps that we haven't ever censored sound around her and the next door neighbor's dog barks constantly which she has heard since last July 4th at all hours of the day?!  No sound machine....Sarah you love me for it I know!

3.  I am so excited about summer clothes for this cute babydoll.  I got this little romper at a shop in Raleigh called Shutterbugs.  I've actually gotten a lot of stuff from them but never been there.  I'll be going in the next month I hope.  Thank you Jessica for getting me addicted to Shutterbugs! ;)

4.  Molly Anne has been obsessed with these eggs.  We first saw them at a music class she went to when she was a baby but now she can hold them, shake them and put them in her mouth ha!  I keep them all over the house - one in her bouncer, one in her play area, one in her wagon outside and one near her carseat.  Ms. Becky also has them and some plastic maracas that they do music time with at her house.  Too cute!  Oh and evidently MA also likes bubbles when Ms. Becky gets those out so now I need to get some to play with at home.  

5.  Obsessed with her wagon and her little toy.  She shakes that toy around like it's going out of style and chews on it too.  EVERYTHING goes into her mouth these days.  We walked down to the get the mail the other day and she put a magazine directly into her mouth haha.  


  1. She's so cute! Love the summer clothes as well, I can't wait for rompers and dresses all the time!

  2. We just rocked out our green; no bars or pub crawls for us either! I love MA's romper and that monogrammed pillow is so cute. We were gifted a sound machine and used it a few times, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I think my husband enjoyed it more than SC! Glad MA is sleeping well; it is such a blessing! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  3. Do y'all have a thunder shirt for Mills? My mom has one for her scared of storms dog and swears it helps! Poor puppy. 😕

  4. I remember my nephew loving those eggs too. Jaxy isn't scared of storms, fireworks however, he flips out. Looks like an amazing week in NC!

  5. I am so impressed that she sleeps through anything. She seems to love being outside

  6. I am really impressed that MA sleeps without a sound machine! I swear thats my magic trick to why Leo is such a good sleeper!