Monday, March 7, 2016

Engagement Party and Second Tooth

Welllllllll this morning started with Mills growling at a piece of plastic that had blown over from a neighbors yard.  It was at least 50' away from him and he stood there and fake barked/growled at it (random but Mills doesn't bark).  Exactly what I wanted to be doing at 6:30am on a Monday morning! ;)

Let's recap the weekend....

Picked up Molly Anne from Ms. Becky's and she drank her bottle on the way home.  Stop growing up!!!

After she went to bed, Kevin and I hung outside...he built a fire and I played on social media and listened to music.  I gave him this heater for his birthday and we have really enjoyed using it.  We hang out in our back yard all of the time so this was perfect.  

This part human grabbed his nasty tennis ball and jumped on the couch.  Crazy boy.

Saturday morning hang out.  Kevin had been waiting to take her for a ride for a LONG time.  I don't know why but it's something he's talked about doing since she was born.

Ready for afternoon nap time which didn't go too well (only an hour instead of two) but I later figured out why...

I had gone to a consignment sale that morning at Myers Park Pres and found all of these goodies plus a smocked Christmas dress for a grand total of $84.  

Kathryn came over to babysit Molly Anne (and give her a bath and put her to bed - first time anyone but family has done this!) and Kevin and I escaped for a mini date before an engagement party.  Dirty gin martini with blue cheese stuffed olives...YES.  

Tuna appetizer...amazingness.

Tried the Woodford Old Fashioned.  Strong.  Probably wouldn't get it again because I didn't love it.  

Waiting on Uber...our most preferred way of transportation, drinking or not!

Charlotte Country's just so gorgeous.  The engagement party was an absolute blast.

Sol Fusion Band was so good.  

Randomly one of my high school friends (from Maryland!) was there.  She and her husband live really close to us but we never hang out.  We're going to change that though!

This was the same band that went with the Panthers to the Super Bowl and played for all of their parties...yeah they were THAT good!

Lilly girls - Whitney and I.  


We went out to Workman's Friend afterward. 

Got home at 12:30am and guess what happened at 6:30am - this babydoll was up!  I think she's definitely learned that we can see her in the camera.  Maybe because I talked to her through it the other day.  ;) 

This was after her nap yesterday...check out her bedhead!  I let her have toys in there during nap time (illegal in the Moms on Call world but oh well!) but not at night.

MA and I went to Home Goods and Old Navy and found this adorable outfit for her at ON.  Seriously - white skinny jeans and the cutest top ever...

the back of the top....I want it in my size.  I totally looked but they don't have it.

And Molly Anne got her second tooth. She was pretty restless on Saturday afternoon with me and that night with the babysitter.  Now we know why!  It barely peeked through!  So exciting!   Last night I gave her Motrin and I think that may have helped her sleep a bit better but she toughed through the hard part on Saturday night.  

Here's to a good week for all!


  1. MA's clothes are the cutest! I love that ON outfit and her bunny pjs are so adorable! What a fun time and so neat you ran into a friend from high school! Also, it sounds like MA is quite the trooper with teething!

  2. That is one insane engagement party! Can't wait to see what their wedding it like! That ON outfit is so adorable. If only chunky adult legs were as cute in skinny white jeans as baby chunky legs!!!

  3. That dirty martini and tuna have my mouth watering at 7am! And I'm obsessed with MAs white jeans!

  4. You got such good stuff at MP!!!! Also, I love that your friends' engagement party was fancier than my wedding, pretty sure. Haha!

  5. I'm also guilty of checking for my adult size in some stuff of O's! 😂

  6. That ON outfit is adorable!! I agree - I want the mom version too. We had an engagement party this weekend too - tis the season I suppose. Yours looked like a blast!! PS- AL got her second tooth today too - ugh, it was a rough night.