Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend - Cabelas and D&D

Did you all have a good weekend?  Ours was busy but relaxing.  I guess they're always busy now that we have Miss Molly Anne!

Friday afternoon it was so nice out so we got in the wagon and walked around the neighborhood and hung with all of our neighbors.  This little boy is so sweet and lives next door.  He LOVES Molly Anne.  Maybe we'll be showing them this picture at their rehearsal dinner?

Friday night we hosted Supper Club and I have a separate post for tomorrow on that!

Saturday morning Kevin wanted to go to Cabelas and I knew Molly Anne would love it.  She got to see all of the animals and watch the fish swim.  It was cute.  Her eyes couldn't have gotten bigger!

She loved this little golden retriever puppy!

And she had trouble picking out which fishing rod to get....but she didn't end up getting either.  Maybe next year.  Kevin wants to take her fishing.  How cute will that be?!

We stopped at a this place called Local Dish in Fort Mill, SC for lunch on our way home.  I had been there before for a work lunch but I thought it would be fun to show Kevin and Molly Anne what it was all about.  We had the best little lunch...Molly Anne loved looking at everyone in the restaurant and chomped down on her pimento cheese, turkey and fruit!

We got home just in time for her 2 hour afternoon nap.  When she woke up we met Kevin's parents at our playground so they could watch her swing and go down the slide.  It's the little things!

We had dinner with them at our house that night and then drove around what we think may be our new hood.  

I got some things done after Molly Anne was in bed and I finally came in our room to find Mills in my spot with his head resting on my pillow.  Spoiled rotten golden retriever!!!

Sunday the three of us went to breakfast at a favorite spot - Le Peep.  Molly Anne took her morning nap on the way home so we drove around neighborhoods to see what houses we like and don't like and also colors of brick we like.  And took a ton of pictures.  

We squeezed in a quick lunch for MA at home then went to Target to get a few things...including some magical stuff called Triple Paste for diaper rash.  PS - it was $19 at Target, cheaper than Amazon.  Bless her little heart.  But I'm here to report - that stuff is MAGIC.  Thank you April for telling me about it!  I think Christina told her about.  Sarah told me to do baking soda baths.  All of this combined worked.  Yall are the best!  Molly Anne was better after one application and a 2.5 hour nap!

We played with Mills after her afternoon nap.

The weather was gorgeous so we bagged our planned dinner and headed to Dean and Deluca for dinner instead.  It was so nice on the patio and Molly Anne was in heaven being outside!  She had D&D tuna salad and a blueberry banana pouch.

Yeah this child is going to live in sundresses and her baby jacks this summer!  Her jacks even stayed on which I was super impressed!

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. Molly Anne looks so precious in all her Lilly! We have the dress she wearing Sunday, but haven't pulled it out!! I must this week! Le Peep is our favorite too! My oldest begged to go on Sunday but we were crunched for time. And Local Dish - incredible! We've only gone once and it was packed. Such a cute little street it's on too.

    We listed our house Friday and this market is insane (in a great way for sellers). We had ten offers in 24 hours - and they kept coming. Good luck (although I guess if you are just buying and not selling you don't need as much luck!) I love red brick - I'm sure you will make a great decision.

  2. I love all the cute pictures of Molly Anne, her in bunny ears doesn't get much sweeter than that. I remember the brick choosing days, fun fun!

  3. The picture of MA swinging with her Granddad is priceless! Looks like a fantastic weekend. The house we are negotiating to buy is all brick as well. I'm a fan of the traditional look!

  4. My father in law has given all my kids a lifetime sportsmans license for their first birthday. It's so much cheaper to do it before their first birthday if you think she will be fishing when she's older :)

  5. Ahhhh - I just can't! Molly Anne is hands down the cutest baby in blog land. I so love looking at pictures of her. I"ll be asking you for food tips in about 9 months. My oldest still doesn't eat ANYthing, and I want this baby to be a good eater.

  6. Love that picture of MA and her grandpa on the swings! So sweet! She is also the best dressed baby with her mini Jacks!

  7. OMG I am mildly obsessed with MA's Lilly collection!!! And the Baby Jacks! Ahhh! I went to get some for Ella, but they don't make them in her size! They make baby sizes and then skip a whole bunch of sizes (including hers) until like a size 9 or 10 for little girls! Grrrr...

  8. Such a fun weekend! I need to take M to Cabellas....I think she'd love it! Also...that last pic of MA in the air is precious! She is such a cutie!

  9. My dad's favorite thing to do with his grandkids is take them to Cabellas. It's seriously a fun outing -- great for a rainy day too! Also, Le Peep, the best!

  10. Triple paste for the win!!!!!!! And MA with grandpa...ADORABLE!!!!

  11. Love the pictures of MA with her grandpa! Too cute! I also have a pair of baby Jacks for Madeline for the spring/summer. If you ever decide to consign any of MA's collection of Lilly, I am going to need to know about it!

  12. Eeee...can't get over those baby Jacks with the Lilly shift! What a dollbaby!