Friday, March 4, 2016

Molly Anne is Eight Months

Goodness little one you have such a big personality!  This month has been extra fun and I can hardly sit at my desk in the afternoons because I just want to go pick you up!  It has been incredibly special getting you around 4 most days and playing until dinner. 
Okay so eight months....

1.  You probably weigh around 19 pounds.  Wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.  Some just 9 month things.  You've worn some 12 month shirts that run small.  

2.  You eat three meals a day (breakfast and lunch at Ms. Becky's and dinner at home with us).  We dropped a bottle so now you get four a day - when you wake up, around 11:30, 3:30 and bedtime at 6:45.  They're still 7 ounces but you don't finish one of the midday ones and sometimes we make your morning and evening 8 ounces. You started holding your own bottle this month....sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. 

3.  Speaking of food - you've had mostly everything but we still need to give you peanut butter and shellfish. You had strawberries last week and you love them.  You eat the pouches when we go out for a meal and so far I've only given you fruit pouches. Something about peas in a pouch doesn't sound appetizing to me.  You loveeeee your sippy cup of water with every meal and you look so grown up when you pick it up and hold it yourself.  And you chug that water girlfriend!

4.  Sleep - you take a morning nap which is usually only an hour. Your afternoon nap is 2-2.5 hours. You fall asleep between 7-7:30 and sleep until 6-7.  You play in your crib in the morning until we come get you.  

5.  You LOVE to babble and are kinda loud! ;) It makes going out to a meal pretty crazy but we are still forcing ourselves to do it once a week or so.  I think long term the more you're exposed to it, you'll learn to be a bit quieter!  Or maybe you're my child and you're just loud..!!

6.  You aren't crawling yet but you're pivoting around and are determined to get to things that I place a bit out of your reach. You love "standing up" and putting weight on your legs!

7.  You started swim lessons a couple weeks ago and you're obsessed. You love your jumperoo, rides in your wagon and in your cozy coupe and you love swinging.  Anything with movement, you are happy!

8.  You're sitting up really well but you've crashed a few times so I try to keep the boppy behind you.  I won mother of the year award when you fell backwards on the metal playset at the playground Sunday.  You didn't even cry but for a second but I felt terrible.  

9.  Your face lights up when your daddy walks in the room.  It melts me. You love how silly he is with you. And how he lets you do anything you want!  You giggle at Mills constantly.  You two are funny together!  He naps in your room on the weekends when you're in there napping. 

My friends were right - every stage is fun!  We're just enjoying each day and soaking in every moment with you!  


  1. I love your Molly Anne updates so much! It's so fun to see how much she has grown and changed every month. It also helps me to envision where our sweet baby boy will be this time next year (he's due on July 3 of this year!) :) Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend with that sweet fam of yours.

  2. No way I don't believe she's 8 months!! I love reading your updates and see what I get to look forward to! I totally agree that each stage is fun!

  3. Cuter and cuter! My mom said I was an angel when they went out to eat and tok me everywhere. Then my sister was born and all hell broke loose. Ha. They said she was awful in restaurants! Maybe MA is so good cause she has such an awesome name :)

  4. Oh, so, so sweet! It is amazing how she has grown! It sounds like her personality is really shining!

  5. I love seeing the photos over time at the bottom, she has grown a lot this month!

  6. She is absolutely precious and each month is just plain adorable!!! Such a happy baby!!

  7. She is so adorable...but, you already know that.

  8. Seriously she is just a doll! I love her sweet grin! I'm anxious to get Leo in some swim lessons because I think he will just adore them! Did you order swim diapers on Amazon?

  9. The veggie pouches may not sound appetizing to you but they arent bad. They usually mix the veggie with a little fruit like apples or pears. I keep them on hand for my 2 year old when we're out and when I get bored of giving her the same veggies all the time. I don't eat them so I only buy for her.