Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend - Dinner, Soccer & Meeting the EB

We had a fun weekend!

Friday night we went to dinner with Kevin's parents and niece at Hawthorne's!

Same picture from August.  I love a good comparison picture.  Obviously Molly Anne had changed the most!  She was only one month old in the first picture and eight months in the second!

Saturday morning Kevin's buddy Ken came over and they headed out of town for the night to surprise their friend Ed.  They are all buddies from growing up.  I think it's good they had time together!

And the three of us were left to fend for ourselves for the weekend!  

First thing we did was going to meet the Easter Bunny in the sweet bubble that Camille let MA borrow!  Our neighborhood hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for all of the kiddos!  They had a few older kids from the hood come paint faces and do crafts with the littles too.  Very cute!

It was kinda chilly but warm enough in the sun for her cardigan to be off.  She loved the EB!  He was one of our good friends from the neighborhood, Al.  

Molly Anne likes bow ties!  Southern EB's wear bow ties haha.

I hope we do this picture at the Easter Egg Hunt every year!

A comedian came and put on a show for the kids and they loved it!

That afternoon she took a 2.5 hour nap then we headed to Target and to Kendall's first soccer game!

Saturday night - girl's night in with Sarah and Mary Scott.  Oh, we let Mills join in but you can see he was a boatload of fun.  Lazy hound.

Mary Scott and Mills.  Mills was OBSESSED with her.  Licking her everywhere and wanting to be as close as possible to her at all times.  He loves babies!

Sunday morning play time!  Mills found a home for his heavy head by resting it on my knee.  

Sunday morning Kathryn came over to watch Molly Anne and Sarah, Mary Scott and I went to Southpark to help throw April a sprinkle!  I'm excited to share pictures from it but will wait for April to share first!  

Molly Anne slept until 4pm so I had a few minutes to sit with the bubba.  He's getting groomed tomorrow...much needed as you can tell!

Kevin returned mid afternoon and had a nice time with his friends.  He was snoring at 8pm last night so I assume he didn't get much sleep! ;)

Here's to a short week!


  1. What a great weekend! It looks like the three of you had a blast! I love that the Easter bunny comes to your neighborhood. Can't wait to see the pictures from the sprinkle!

  2. Love her in that Easter outfit!

  3. I am DYING over MA's Easter bubble....holy adorableness

  4. MA is such a cutie! Those pictures with the Easter Bunny are so cute. I love that she wasn't scared.

  5. I love all the Easter Bunny pics...Molly Anne looked so happy and cute!

    Way to go flying solo, too!

  6. Those bunny bubbles are so sweet, as are the girls in them! Mills and in the newborn - that picture is too much!!