Wednesday, March 30, 2016

High Chair Debacle

Well, I finally caved and got THE high chair.  The one from IKEA that everyone talks about and is $19.99.  Yeah I have no clue why I waited so long.  Truth be told, I did not want to drive up there and I also thought we were fine with our Fisher Price Space Saver chair. 

So I paid $10 to have IKEA ship it to me (worth every penny) and it took me literally less than three minutes to put it together.

Someone told me when we were registering to get the space saver chair that goes onto your dining room chair if you are going to eat as a family at the table or get a regular high chair if you feed the child in your kitchen while you cook.

Well after 4 months of eating real food, it was obvious that we did a little of both depending on when Kevin got home from work or what we were doing on the weekends.  So now we use both and they sit less than 10' from each other.  It was just getting old sliding a chair with a high chair back and forth on our hardwoods, plus that bad boy was heavy.

This IKEA chair is super light but sturdy and easy to clean.  I will say, this chair probably wouldn't have worked when she was like 5-6 months because she couldn't sit up straight.  The space saver was good that she could kind lounge back a tiny bit instead of having to hold herself straight up for 30 minutes.

I keep her in it when I make dinner for us and she has some toys on there that she plays with.  She'll also gnaw on her frozen grapes in her mesh pouch too.  It's really helped me get things done in the kitchen if I need to before Kevin gets home.

$20 IKEA high chair...done.


  1. What a steal and totally worth paying the shipping! We are just using the bumbo seat for now, but this is good to know for later on!

  2. We have the same chair! A little premature, I know, but I was already at Ikea a few months ago so I went ahead and picked one up. Can't beat that $20 price! We also purchased the inflatable insert that can help with smaller babies, so I'll be interested to see if that works.


  3. You really can't beat $20! With my first I wanted everything to match our home decor, so I bought some $200 dark wood thing that was a pain to keep clean. Lesson learned - $20 high chair next time! I always do Ikea shipping to avoid having to load it up by myself.