Monday, March 28, 2016

Molly Anne's First Easter

We had a nice Easter and hope you all did too!  I'm going to break it down so today I'm only sharing about Easter Sunday and tomorrow I'll post about the rest of our weekend. 

The EB came to our house!

Molly Anne had so much fun looking at her basket!  This was her first reaction. 

Then this!

Mills is never forgotten in this house! ;)

Nannie and Poppa had already sent her a package with a bunch of goodies in it but couldn't help not sending a card with piggy bank money!  Tradition in our fam!  The card was the first thing she pulled out. 

Last time I was at my parents, I brought back the plastic eggs and purple bunny that mom has used in my basket for 30+ years so those were in MA's basket this year!

It quickly turned into all of this. Mills is a saint. You know he was next to her the whole time she was looking in her basket. Then this yellow box got shoved in his face. He doesn't care.  

Kevin had this good idea to put her in her basket. How cute is this?!!

All up in her biz at all times!

We had planned to go to church but it just didn't work with her nap and eating schedule.  We decided to let her sleep so she'd be rested for brunch at Kevin's parents club!  

With cousin Kendall

Prim and proper ;)

She brought her fancy rattle!

With her Uncle Joe. 

The whole crowd.  Kevin gave the EB bunny ears!

Family picture!

The rest of the day we just hung at home!


  1. Too cute!!! Looks like a great Easter.

  2. If you have a boy he will probably look like his dad, uncle and grandfather! All the men in that family look so much alike! Kind of like the girls in your I guess :)

  3. Molly Anne looks like such a happy baby! Love that pic of her in the Easter basket!

  4. How cute is she in that basket! Precious. Looks like a fabulous Easter Sunday!

  5. I love the pictures with MA, Mills and the Easter basket. Too cute for words! It looks like you all had a wonderful Easter with Kevin's family and I love the family Easter picture!

  6. I can only imagine how much fun holidays are with a little! So sweet!


  7. Awww.....Happy Easter Miss M.A. !!!

  8. What a fun Easter!! Your pictures are precious!

  9. It sounds like it was a very wonderful Easter.

    I love how Mills is always by Molly Anne's side. It's so precious!

    Also, your dress is gorgeous!!

    Amy @