Friday, March 25, 2016

Five on Friday - MA Easter Egg Hunt, Dinner out

Thank you all for all your sweet comments on my post yesterday.  We are SO excited!!!

1.  Molly Anne giggles at mills and mills licks her hands.  They are constantly playing.  Maybe MA needs a real sibling ha!  One day I hope. 

2.  This week I bought Essie nail polish and Seche Vite top coat on Amazon Prime.  I thought I had hit a new low in my Amazon obsession but really the Seche Vite was much cheaper!  Two bottles for the price of one!

3.  One day was national puppy day.  Flashback to baby Mills.  

So I took him to get groomed and to play at Camp. He loved it....well the playing part.  And the riding with his head out the sunroof!

4.  Yesterday Molly Anne had swim class then her Easter Egg hunt at school.  

5.  Last night Kevin's parents came over to stay with MA and we zipped up to dinner at The Palm. Kevin has had a certificate that expires on March 31st so since we hadn't used it in the 8 months he's had it, we HAD to use it this week.  It was a nice treat out. 

He got sea bass and I got double tuna appetizer. I have leftovers which will be a treat again today!  

Hope you all have a nice Easter weekend with your families!


  1. God Bless

  2. You need to try a topcoat product called Out the Door. It is even better than Seche Vite and is like $5. I swear by it.

  3. Mills totally looks like a lion in that sunroof picture.
    I had to look at it a handful of times to make sure it wasn't s lion. Maybe I'm sleep deprived, but seriously...

  4. What a nice night out! I love the puppy pictures of cute. MA also looks adorable and all ready for Easter! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. :)

  5. MA is so cute! Those baby jacks are killing me!