Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Supper Club

EEEEEEEEE I love The Bachelor.  Who else watched last night?!!!


On Friday night it was our turn to host Supper Club.  

This little supper club was started by a few of my friends and is about 10 girls.  We made a few rules - the host provides the entire dinner, you can byob or the host just has enough and the host decides if you invite the husbands or not. 

We invited the husbands to ours and decided to do BBQ from our favorite place.  Some hostesses have had it catered with help coming in and serving.  Ours has probably been the most casual...getcha a plate and sit wherever.  I didn't set a table.  I was just lucky to have food ON the table! 

Here's how I did things...

Trader Joe's to the rescue for appetizers...Kevin arranged these while I got myself ready.  He can make a killer app plate!  And no, that bunny does not have chocolate in it! ;)

Only my two friends Lauren and Sarah came with their husbands.  The other 7 girls were busy!

We did have Mary Scott as a special guest along with Sarah's sister and one of Mike's friends Sean.  Here are Sarah, Lauren, Mary Scott and I.

You know Mills was all about some baby time.  He licked her!

Hung on the patio late night with Thomas and Lauren.  

Even though it was a small crowd, we still had fun and I accomplished my duty of hosting!  

I hosted neighborhood bunco in December,  my friend bunco in January and this in March.  I'm done hosting.  ;)

But we had so much fun and always love having people over...clearly Mills does too!


  1. Mary Scott is so precious; what a special guest! It looks like a great time, and I love those napkins!

  2. I love the rules y'all have...especially that hubbies may or may not be included. I bet that makes it a good mix!