Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nannie and Poppa

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

These are pictures of my parents holding my brother.  It's CRAZY to me that when I look at my Mom I see myself.  And now when I look at Molly Anne I see my Mom and I.  Molly Anne is basically a replica of my Mom.  

And here is the original Mom's Mom.  They were Nannie and Poppa.  Then my parents became Nannie and Poppa when Anna Kate was born and I hope one day that Kevin and I are Nannie and Poppa to Molly Anne's kids!  Won't that be crazy.

The whole Nannie and Poppa thing has been around a longggggg time and I hope we can carry on the tradition.  

But aren't these pictures just crazy?!  I love seeing the resemblance.  I should get Kevin to take a picture of me with my hair in a pony tail and hold MA just like Mom is holding my brother.  Ha!  


  1. Wow! You do look so much like your mom! I love that picture of your Nannie, and it is exciting to think that you will be a Nannie some day. :)

  2. look just like her there!

  3. You all do look so much alike it's crazy. Through the years I go back and forth between looking like my mom and then my dad. There is one pic of my mom at her bridal shower where we look identical, but other then that I am a pretty solid mix of both parents.

  4. I love looking back at old photos, these are great! How cute to carry on the tradition of grandparents names, I love it!!!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  5. I alway thought you and Molly Anne looked like your mom - you could pass for twins. That would be cute if you did the same pose with MA and I would frame both photos for her to keep.

  6. WOW. That picture of your mom looks just like you! So amazing and I definitely think it would be fun to compare poses with MA!