Tuesday, March 22, 2016


1.  Last week I made Tea Time with Tess' oven fajitas except we grilled ours and I used fajita seasoning packets from the store.  It was incredibly easy and tasty.  I used 1.5 pounds of perdue chicken breasts sliced thinly and I cut an orange pepper, yellow pepper and vidalia onion in strips a couple nights ahead of time.  I just plopped everything in our grill basket and dinner was ready.  Dinner must be easy these days because I'd much rather spend that time with Molly Anne instead.

2.   Last Wednesday night Kevin and I went to a Boy Scout dinner uptown at the convention center.  It honored a few folks in the community and we were honored to be there with my work crowd.

3.  Nannie and Poppa sent Molly Anne some Easter treats. She had so much fun opening them!

4.  St. Patrick's Day

5.  Still loving swim class!

6.  Swinging every day at Ms. Becky's!  They spend a ton of time outside when it's nice out and I love that.  I leave the stroller sometimes and they walk down the street to visit some nearby horses.  Too cute!

7.  Neighborhood Bunco on St. Patrick's Day!  Wildness.  I required Bojangles the next day.

8. 6:30am photo shoots with the cutie!!

9.  Molly Anne loves my stuffed animal Charlie, named after our golden retriever growing up!  I brought her back some other stuff of mine from last time I was home. I can't wait to give her all of my American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls one day too!

And I'm done for today.  PS this post has been in the works for a week at this point.  


  1. I love MA's St. Patrick's Day jumper! That is just too cute! It's great that she is enjoying her time outside too. Bunco looks like so much fun; you are fortunate to live in a neighborhood with such great friends!

  2. Bennett and my Dad were at the Boy Scout dinner too! The Sherrills are great folks!

  3. OO you know it was a good time when Bojangles is required the next day!

  4. Haha! We don't have a Bojangles, but when I'm hurting I want McDonald's or a milkshake. Or both.

  5. Love that you're passing down some of your old favorite toys to MA!

  6. that little swimsuit on her, THE cutest!

  7. Yay!! I'm glad the oven fajitas worked so well. Aren't they good? I do them every other week and can literally get them prepared in ten minutes or less which makes them even better!

  8. MA seriously gets cuter each day! How is that possible?!?! :) Love her sweet outfits and expressions!

  9. BO FOR THE WIN. That's all I'm sayin'