Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sean and Laura's Wedding

Saturday was Sean and Laura's wedding!  Kevin worked with Sean at the bank years ago.  The church was gorgeous. 

A tree had fallen in the neighborhood earlier in the day and the power was still out.  It made for a candlelit ceremony which was so pretty!  And the bride was totally cool with it!  

Then we headed over to Myers Park CC for the reception. 

First dance

They're off to Jackson Hole for their honeymoon!

Then it was a great idea to go to duckworths with everyone from the wedding haha!  But after that we went to Selwyn, just Kevin and I. Good times. 

I felt pretty normal the next day minus my feet killing me!  Ahh heels ha!

Congrats to the happy couple!


  1. I am horrible in heels too! The reception looks like so much fun (that cake is beautiful) and the church was gorgeous! Who can resist the romance of a candlelit ceremony (even if it was by necessity)?

  2. It's fun to see other peoples wedding now that I am planning mine! I need to go back and look at yours!