Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to Work

Well it has been a truly amazing 12 weeks with Molly Anne.  I cannot believe it is coming to an end.  Quite frankly, I was scared to leave the office and all of my projects for 12 weeks and now I'm scared to go back.  I'm a control freak so leaving all of my deals to (my very capable) coworkers made me nervous.  I was worried about having nothing to do when I got back or being so out of the loop that I was going to have to start over.  Thankfully, I kept up with all my email throughout the few months and everything was done perfectly and I'll pick back up right where I left off.  Can I please tell you how amazing my friends at work are?  And can I also tell you how awesome the owners of my company are because I had 12 weeks of paid time off?  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU.  I'm incredibly grateful. 

But the time has ended and I must go back.  I'm looking forward to it but I am going to admit, I'm also scared.  I have no clue how it's going to work with me traveling.  I can do day trips most of the time but there are some places I go that I physically cannot do in a day.  Kevin is obviously perfectly capable to take care of her but let's be honest - I'm going to miss her like CRAZY.  I know there are women all of the place that go back to work and travel so I surely can do it, I just need to get used to it. 

When I'm home, I'm planning to go in to the office early (Kevin will have morning duty) and leave mid afternoon most days to pick her up. I'll still work from home a day a week as I was doing prior to getting pregnant.  This is the plan but it can all change.  I think we need to give our new normal at least through the end of the year to see how it works.  

I don't want to miss things with Molly Anne.  Eventually she will have music class, sports & games and field trips. And even now - play dates or outings with friends and their littles. I want to be there for as much as I can. And I hope to be able to make that happen thanks to a supportive and family oriented work environment.  We'll see.  I know, I'm getting ahead of myself but it's still something I'm thinking about. 

And on social obligations - Kevin and I are going to have to truly prioritize what WE want our weekends to look like.  So often we feel obligated to do such and such. Well not anymore, we are doing what we want to do with our little family as top priority.  Anyone else hear me?  This is something I've struggled with for a long time...how to say no.  But I'm gonna learn because Molly Anne and Kevin are top priority.

All in all, I think it will be a good thing. I'm fully confident in the lady watching Molly Anne and I know that she will teach her so many things.  Molly Anne will enjoy being with her and the other children.  

Ok those are my thoughts after jotting these notes down over the last week.  I think we just need to see how it goes and adjust as necessary.  I'm looking forward to working and having the mental challenge.  And I'll really look forward to seeing my girl every day after work!  

Anyone have any thoughts on when they went back to work?!


  1. Enjoy your last week of maternity leave and best of luck to you! I never, EVER thought I'd want to stay home, but I enjoyed maternity leave so much I didn't want to go back. I have an intense job and I so enjoyed my weekly breastfeeding group and friends, playdates, long walks during the day with my daughter, etc. and didn't feel like I wanted to return.
    I also travel for work and it IS an adjustment. I found after a couple weeks back that I felt like working was where I belonged. I DO miss my girl so much (some days are harder than others) but after a year+ back at work, I'm confident in my choice. She is incredibly social, adaptable and friendly and I credit most of this to daycare and the experiences she has with other children each day.
    You will learn to cherish your weekends and I think prioritizing your time w/ Kevin/Molly Anne over everything else and just saying "no" will come easier than you think. When you have to schedule your life so carefully around work commitments and your child, it's almost a reflex to say "no" to things that aren't super important to you. BEST OF LUCK and you will be fabulous!

  2. I can imagine that has to be so difficult. I work with several moms, my boss is even a new mom, and I know they would all say being mom comes first. If your office was great about maternity, they will most likely work with you throughout motherhood. Just be patient with yourself for the first few weeks as I am sure it will be a big adjustment. Someday when I am in your shoes (hopefully) you can remind me of these words haha.

    Also, Good friends always understand that family comes first.

    Sending hugs your way :)

  3. I know that you will do a great job transitioning and making your family a priority. Your post is ironic to me because today is my last day of work before I start maternity leave and I definitely have anxiety about how it will all go. I think that is just how it is, but in the end, you make it work. I think that by going back to work you will be a great role model for your daughter and it also seems like you have a schedule that will still allow for family time. I'll definitely be thinking of you as you make this transition. You are a great mom!

  4. Good luck on the transition back! I am sure it will be tough at first, but then you all will get into a routine. And just say 'no!' ;) People still love you even if you can't make it to a dinner or picnic, etc.

  5. Ditto! This was exactly me a month ago. I was both excited and nervous to go back to work, but after a few weeks we have adjusted well. I do miss Annalee like crazy and love to sneak away during the day when I can to get some snuggles, but I love my work and being challenged to balance it all. I also look forward to 5 o'clock now. It makes me leave on time and cherish the weekends. I loved what you said about prioritizing, it really makes you re-think all you commit to outside of the 9-5.

  6. Oh I so remember this time. Cherish the last days you have on maternity leave. The first day, hell few days, will be hard as you all adjust to a new normal but you will all settle into a routine and it will be just fine. You learn to cherish the nights and weekends so much. If your friends have kids then there won't be any hard feelings if you say NO. Or better yet, just do things with them and their kids! Charlie goes to bed so early that we really can't have much of a social life at night. But we then find other social activities- Sunday football at friends' houses, lunch dates, etc. I think daycare/sitter/whatever is great for them to learn social skills! You 3 will do great.

  7. Good luck! I've been thinking about you! I totally hear you on the priority thing.... In the beginning with Emmy I was so protective about that time we had together & while I've relaxed a little the weekends are still precious for just family & the ever elusive one on one spouse time. I know you'll find a balance that works for you both.

  8. We lost power tonight so I'm catching up on a couple weeks of your blog! Read some old posts on the working mom blog I used to write for, Liberating Working Moms.com. There is lots of advice & support posts there. I'm always a text away too! Hope it's been a smooth transition. Thinking of yall!

  9. Good luck on returning to work. I love how you talked about family being the top priority. We do so much, just the three of us. My husband was actually the one who spoke up a few years ago and said he wanted more family time. It's great.

  10. Being home with her one day a week- just you- will really make up for a lot! It does for me anyways! My husband does morning duty Monday-Thursday because I go in earlier than he does, and I often have events and evening functions and hate the weeks that I feel like I hardly see Lawter. But Fridays are our day together- just us- and I really do feel like we reconnect and make up for it then. The first few weeks back are tough regardless- good luck!